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From that pesky "check engine light" to that strange noise coming from your muffler, our mechanics are paid to provide you with unbiased car advice.

What Is Proper Mechanic?

Have you ever talked to a mechanic and felt like they were charging you too much for car repair?

Far too often people are bombarded with sales pitches, biased advice, and inflated prices. At Proper Mechanic, we believe fixing your car should be an easy, stress-free experience. 

That is why we hired a team of "proper" mechanics to:

  • Give you unbiased automotive advice
  • Save you money on unnecessary expenses, and
  • Help you avoid frustrating conversations with dishonest mechanics.

When naming this website, we landed on the word "proper" because it's synonymous with genuine, correct, and bona fide, which all just mean "honest". When you get advice from your mechanic, good or bad, you want it to be 100% truthful so you can make a proper decision.

Proper mechanics tell you what you need to know so you can make a proper decision.

Meet Your Proper Mechanics

The Proper Mechanic writing team consists of trained, ASE certified mechanics with years of experience in the field fixing cars,  trucks, and really any vehicle you can think of. Meet some of our contributors below.

auto mechanic josh

Ryan Nichols

Trained by Mercedes-Benz in Long Beach, California and worked as a technician in a Mercedes-Benz AMG shop. Ryan has years of experience in the shop to help you with your automotive needs!

Josh Boyd

With 6 ASE Certifications between the passenger car/light truck and medium/heavy truck test series, Josh has 10+ years of experience working with cars and trucks.

Where To Get Started?

If you're new to Proper Mechanic, then welcome! You'll find an endless treasure trove of car guides and product reviews related to the automotive industry. If you have a pressing question on your vehicle, ask our mechanics directly and get honest answers.

Again, we're here to provide unbiased car care advice.


The Proper Mechanic Team