Top 5 Best Car Window Cleaners For Detailing (2020 Review)

It's a safety hazard to have dirty windows that don't let you see out of them. 

Offroading is fun, but it leaves windows completely dusty on the inside. 

Don't waste your time and money on a window cleaner that sucks...want to know which is the best car window cleaner? 

Top 5 Best Car Window Cleaners For Detailing (2020 Review)

This article has all the tips and tricks for making windows clean and keeping them clean. Stay right here to find out!

In this guide, you will learn the following:

  • The best window cleaner 
  • How to make your car look professional with crystal clean windows
  • Tips for saving time when cleaning windows

And much more!

Below is a quick list of all our top products. Keep scrolling to learn more about how to choose and use the best car window cleaners in today's market.

Image Product


  • Cleans windows fast and perfectly
  • Sold in bulk for industrial use
  • Perfume-grade alcohol and heavy-duty foam formula
  • Cleans windows fast and perfectly
  • Sold in bulk for industrial use
  • Perfume-grade alcohol and heavy-duty foam formula
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Invisible Glass Cleaner
  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Well designed 19-ounce aerosol spray can
  • Even cleans chrome surfaces
  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Well designed 19-ounce aerosol spray can
  • Even cleans chrome surfaces
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Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner
  • Classic spray bottle(not aerosol)
  • Anti-hazing window cleaner
  • Ammonia-free
  • Classic spray bottle(not aerosol)
  • Anti-hazing window cleaner
  • Ammonia-free
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Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner
  • Premium acid gel
  • Removes hard water spots, limescale, mineral buildup, and more!
  • Advanced-duty glass cleaner
  • Premium acid gel
  • Removes hard water spots, limescale, mineral buildup, and more!
  • Advanced-duty glass cleaner
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3M Glass Cleaner
  • Made with a streak-free formula
  • No drip foam that sticks to the window
  • Aerosol spray
  • Made with a streak-free formula
  • No drip foam that sticks to the window
  • Aerosol spray
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

(updated 7/21/2020)

Sprayway glass cleaner is our favorite pick because it handles the business in clutch situations to give vehicles windows a transparent look when you need it the most.

We also like how Sprayway has a disposable wipe product that is made specifically for cleaning windows and glass.

Sprayway doesn't mess around with the classic spray bottle because their specially-formulated heavy foam aerosol spray sticks to the windows and its perfume-grade alcohol is what makes the windows really shine. 

Don't waste your time on other window cleaners that make for an annoying experience of wiping down the windows more than once.

Top 5 Best Car Window Cleaners For Detailing

What Are Car Window Cleaners  For Detailing?

A window cleaner technically is anything that you use to clean off your windows, however, there is a wide range of products that are made especially for cleaning car windows, and some have the ingredients to do it better and faster than others. 

There are many advantages of keeping your car windows clean; have you ever been annoyed or irritated by going cross-eyed while driving because of an annoying spot in your windshield? 

Unlike the dashboard cleaner, you can't use just anything to clean the car windows. It's got to be window cleaner

What Are The Different Types of Car Window Cleaners  For Detailing?

Non-pressurized spray bottle

Window cleaners like Windex do an excellent job at cleaning windows.

The good thing about non-pressurized spray bottles is that they generally last longer than a short-lived aerosol can because you can dilute them with water along the way. 

Aerosol can

Window cleaners that come in an aerosol can undoubtedly do the most flawless work when cleaning car windows. Want to eliminate streaks?

Use window cleaners like Sprayway to quickly get rid of streaks and spots by coating the glass with a thick foam

The only downside to the aerosol can be compared to a spray bottle is that they generally don't last as long, and you can't dilute the formula because it is an enclosed container. 


If you already have a spray bottle dedicated to cleaning windows, you might want to purchase concentrate from Amazon because it is a more effective and economic way to purchase window cleaning products.

With a concentrate, all you have to do is mix some of the products with water inside a spray bottle, and shake it up! 

Glass cleaning cloth

This Pure-Sky window glass cleaning cloth magically cleans windows without any detergent needed - just dampen the cloth with some water, and clean away!


Sprayway makes these handy glass cleaning wipes that are a perfect product to keep in the glove compartment for those unexpected spills and streaking. 

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How Do Car Window Cleaners  For Detailing Work?

Before you clean the windows you need to clean the dirt off of them first because you don't want to dirty your rag right off the bat. 

A good technique, if you are washing the whole car, is to use the same damp microfiber drying cloth that you used to dry off the body of the car to wipe down the windows inside and out first; this will make it so you do less work and waste less window cleaner.

Clean the window strips before anything with a dashboard cleaner product or multi-purpose cleaner, and roll the windows up and down a couple of times to ensure you are cleaning all parts that are causing the window to be dirty.

Don't worry about cleaning the body of the car when washing the windows.

The windows come after the body detail in a professional setting, so technically your body panels should be super clean by the time you get to the windows. 

Don't get your rag too wet when cleaning the windows. Professional detailers know when the right time is to switch out a wet rag for another dry one to avoid hard to remove streaks on the windows.

You also ideally don't want overspray when cleaning the windows; sometimes spraying the product on the microfiber cloth first and then wiping it onto the widow is the way to go. 

Do clean the rearview mirror and side-view mirrors at the same time you clean the windows.

Note: A high-quality microfiber towel will help you wash the windows without leaving behind lint.

Are your arms sore yet from wiping down the insides of the windows?

Or does your back hurt from reaching into tight windshield and back window spots?

We can sympathize! Cleaning windows is work! 

You may also want to use two different rags; a damp rag for initially wiping down the window and then a dry rag to get rid of all the smudges. 

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Auto Glass

You have to take in mind that tempered auto glass is a different game when cleaning. Plus, at high speeds, your auto glass is submitted to a lot more than the windows of your house regularly. 

Use A Window Specific Microfiber Cloth

Use products like the E-Cloth Window Cleaning Pack, Microfiber Glass Scrubbing Cloth & Polishing Cloth on Amazon for the best results when cleaning the windows.

Besides, nothing is worse than having to go back over something you have already washed because it is smudged. 

Perfection is possible when cleaning windows! Just be patient. And remember, if your cloth is too wet then you are never going to get rid of all the streaking.

Did you know: Automotive glass manufacturers are working on making car glass more intelligent. They're doing this by creating windows that protect against UV rays and can even detect rain!

What To Look For In The Best Car Window Cleaners  For Detailing?

Wax additives

Some window cleaners have wax in the cleaning agent formula that works to repel dirt and dust in the future. 


Non-toxic window cleaner is the way to go these days. Try something like Simple Green Glass Cleaner if you are looking for something a little lighter duty that still does the job. 

Like we have said in this article, Sprayway is favorite and it is also a non-toxic aerosol spray window cleaner.

Find the window cleaner you like and stick with it. 

Clay bar

You can use a clay bar when first cleaning to windows along with the glass cleaner or clay lubricant of your choice to restore all clarity and get rid of any fogginess that might exist. This also makes the surface of the glass very slick to the touch. 

NOT Ammonia

We don't recommend window cleaners like Windex for automotive use that have ammonia because they can damage ceramic tint, and they are also too toxic to be spraying in enclosed areas like the inside of your car.

That being said, it is up to you to decide whether you want a window cleaner that has ammonia. Windex works still. 

Ammonia is technically a toxic chemical that can cause serious health issues if ingested in high concentrations although in smaller concentrations isn't that detrimental.

Window cleaner like Windex, for example, contains ammonia and also does a pretty good job at cleaning the windows. 

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Our Reviews Of The Best Car Window Cleaners  For Detailing

Pick #1: Sprayway

Sprayway is a good way to quickly clean car windows to perfection without having to overwork yourself. 

Plus, you can by Sprayway in value packs of two, three, and twelve so that you can waste even less time and never run out of window cleaner.

There is a reason why professional car detailers use Sprayway, and that is because it is a professional product. 

Sprayway is ammonia-free and sprays out a heavy-duty foam that clings onto vertical surfaces.

Just a small spray of this stuff goes a long way.


  • Foaming action
  • Sold in packs of 12
  • Aerosol spray


  • 1 bottle doesn't last that long
  • Sprayway cleaning wipes not the most efficient packaging
  • Not the most environmentally friendly

Here is another effective window cleaning product for your car care that comes in two different styles of aerosol cans, and a regular spray bottle style for your window cleaning operation success.

Invisible Glass Cleaner also comes with different deals if you purchase more than one bottle.

You might choose this product over other products off of the shelf because of its attractive bottle.


  • 19-ounce no-drip aerosol spray
  • Attractive bottle
  • Easy to use


  • Aerosol sprays don't last as long
  • On the expensive side
  • Spray bottle version not as effective

You may walk by the detailing isle at your local store and throw in a bottle of Meguiar's, and that is not a bad thing.

This ammonia-free window cleaner that comes in a classic spray bottle is safe for use on window tint and it cleans all window surfaces with a superior and streak-free quality.

Meguiar's is a market dominator in the world of detailing products. Are they the best products on the market? Maybe not, but they do get the job done. 

Pick up all of Meguiar's products on Amazon for a cheaper price than you'll find at your local auto parts store.


  • Comes in a spray bottle
  • Popular brand
  • Ammonia-free


  • Dominating brand
  • Doesn't come in aerosol spray
  • Less effective than spray foam

Driven Premium Acid Gel isn't your normal window cleaner.

This product cleans off much more than just window smudges, including limescale, alkali, mildew & mold, rust deposit, mineral buildup, and even paint over-spray.

This is a type of 'first step' window cleaners that should be the first resort for excessively dirty windows.

Don't miss out on this 16-ounce bottle of auto glass cleaner that goes above and beyond the norm. 

Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner cleans all glass windows and doors.


  • Cures windows of 'hazing'
  • Specialty glass cleaning product
  • Effectively and powerfully cleans road grime


  • Probably harmful
  • Eye/skin protection necessary
  • Not for light-duty window cleaning

3M has a reputation for making fantastic products, and although 3M Glass Cleaner might not be the best product that 3M makes(they make a ton of good products) this glass cleaner is sure to do the job.

3M Simply doesn't mess around with this 561 ml aerosol spray can that sprays out a no drop foam ideal for cleaning vertical glass services.


  • Reputable product
  • Inexpensive price
  • Aerosol spray effectively cleans windows


  • Dominating brand
  • May not work better than other aerosol spray cans
  • Not sold in large quantities 

Our Top Pick: Sprayway

Sprayway is our top pick because we have worked with it and it made the job much easier than other products. 

When delivering cars to the buyer you want the windows to look impeccable. 

Seriously, from a business standpoint, you never know when a customer will make a complaint about a mark in the window that they didn't see before, etc so keeping the windows clean is essential for making the sale; the customer sees all the details better upfront.

And Sprayway is the product that makes those smudges disappear;

You would be surprised how much less energy it takes to clean the windows with a clean microfiber towel and some Sprayway compared to a window cleaner that comes in a more traditional spray bottle instead of the ideal aerosol spray can. 

You would also be surprised how much faster a professional detailer cleans the windows compared to a beginner; it's like painting the fence - kind of boring but does have its techniques involved.

Plus, they're an excellent value for the money! Check the low price now on Amazon.

Tips For Getting The Cleanest Windows Ever

Feel free to check out other brands like Chemical Guys, Rain-X, Safelite etc. and find the product you like the most! 

We aren't here to tell you which product to use, but we do want you to have a good idea before you purchase.

Hard Water Spots?

Believe us, sometimes water spots on car windows get so tough that you can't simply spray them with window cleaner and get rid of them. 

Before using the window cleaner, mix vinegar and water in a bowl and use a microfiber towel to apply it to the window to get rid of those hard water spots.

Window Treatments

There are special window treatments that you can use on your car windows to make them repel water and stay clean for a longer period. These generally last as long as a wax job and must be reapplied within a certain period. 

Bird Droppings? Too Many Bugs? Tree Sap?

Did a large group of birds leave your vehicle undesirable with their droppings? Chances are, window cleaner isn't the first thing you are going to want to try.

It is said that WD-40 has a miracle effect in helping release the short term damage that bugs and bird droppings have on the cars. 

The first step is going to rinse it with water(pressurized) if possible. 

Important Tip: Using a pressure washer is the ideal form of detailing cars, but just remember that pressurized water has the power to chip the paint job, break the windows, or even knock off paneling from the car. 

And if you find tree sap on the window, you are going to want to use rubbing alcohol and a plastic scraper tool to remove it. If the windows aren't tinted feel free to scrape off the sap with a full-on razor blade. 

Removing Stickers From The Window?

Cars windows are made from tempered glass, a safety glass that is designed 

The best way to remove stickers from a car window is with a razor blade and an adhesive remover.


If the vehicle has tinted windows you should under no circumstances use a razor blade to remove any stickers that have been placed on them, whether it be for shipping/transferring reasons or vanity stickers.

Remember that the window ting itself is an adhesive, so if you use a razor blade, you will most likely cut the tint and leave a hole in it. 

Safety Tips

Keeping windows clean is not only important for cosmetic needs on vehicles, but it is also a safety necessity. 

Safety glasses are always recommended when detailing cars, especially when an air compressor is being used as it can blow dirt, chemical, and other objects back into your eyes.

Quick Detailing Steps For A Clean Car

Don't forget that cleaning the windows is not the first step in detailing the car. 

Let's quickly go over the steps for getting your car in and out of the car wash and looking fantastic.

Step 1: Rinse The Car With Water

Soap isn't going to go on your car very well if you are mixing it with dirt and dust. That's why the first step is to rinse the car off with soft water first.

Note: Most car wash stations use soft water that is treated with salt pellets 

Cleaning your car doesn't have to be so hard, and if you get the process down you can have it from dirty to clean in just a few short steps that only take a few minutes.

Step 2: Use Soap And A Sponge

If you are at home, the best method after having doused the car off with water is to pour warm water and car wash soap into a bucket and use a sponge to cover the whole vehicle in suds.

Another cool product if you have a garden hose is to use a Chemical Guys Torq Foam Blaster to quickly cover the vehicle with foam. 

Step 3: Final Rinse

Once you feel you have completely scrubbed down the vehicle and feel like you have removed all of the significant dirt and grim, the final step in washing is to 

Step 4: Dry Off

Before you can go to town detailing the windows, you must first dry the vehicle off with a microfiber towel, ideally a towel like this one that is made especially for drying off cars. When drying off the car, don't forget to upon all doors and even the trunk and wipe down the seals.

Step 5: Buff and Wax

You have to keep in mind that when you buff and wax the paint it's going to get on the windows.

That's why it must be done first in the detailing process.

The ideal tool for a buff and wax is an electric buffer. 

You can also effectively buff your car with the correct buffer pad and your hands - it just takes longer and requires more effort. 

Step 6: Wash The Windows

Now that you have the car slick and clean, it's time to wash the windows! 

Wipe down the windows inside and out.

Spray the cleaner on the rag first for all of those small areas on the inside of the car to help you contain the spray and avoid having to wipe window cleaner on the trim. 

Window Treatment?

There are special window treatment care products that can be applied to the insides and outsides of your windows that help repel water and dust.

Try Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner is an advanced solution to cleaning windows that have been--how shall we say--sitting in the sprinklers for too long. 

Did You Clean The Dashboard?

Check out our other Proper Mechanic on the best dashboard cleaners; window cleaner is only one of the many cleaning solutions that are needed when detailing a vehicle.

Stay up to date on our blog that features only the best/most popular products on the market. 

Does Your Car Have Leather?

If you drive a luxury vehicle that has leather seats, it's necessary to apply a leather conditioner every few months to ensure the long-lasting life of your upholstery.

See our other article on 'The Best Car Leather Cleaners'.


Cleaning glass doesn't have to be that hard!

For all of your questions and discussions use our Proper Mechanic forum to stay on top of all your car stuff.

Our job is to make sure you are up to date with all the hottest automotive products.

There you have it! You should now be well equipped and also educated enough to clean car windows like a pro!

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